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Etsuko Fujiwara is one of Tokyo's top hair and makeup artist.
International and experienced, professional hair and makeup artist Etsuko Fujiwara knows what is best for her clients. She has worked for nearly 20 years in the hair and makeup industry with many high-end companies and clients. Starting work at a Tokyo hair salon in 1994, she has stayed on top of the game with extensive work and graduated from Shiseido's prestigious academy: SABFA.
As a fluent English speaker, she can communicate with and satisfy all types of clients by giving them exactly what they desire. Her experience is diverse and her work is trend-setting. Etsuko moved to London in 2002. She worked with the UK elite for 6 years and provided amazing looks for top magazines, TV, music videos, concerts, weddings, and film.
Her client base includes Starbucks(Howard Schultz), IMF(Christine Lagarde), NHK. Jonney's entertainment, Hello! project.
If you are looking for a professional hair-stylist, makeup artist, that is ahead of the trends, see what Etsuko Fujiwara can do for you. You will be more than pleased. Contact her at


TV: NHKs "Biz SPO" & "Cumbria Palace"(President of Starbucks: Howard Schultz), Broomburg "IMF 2012 International meeting" ( Christina Lagerde), NHK "SONGS"(Norah Jones) Nihon TV "24 hours TV", TV Asahi "Music Station"

Magazine: Gentosha "Goethe" Wani-books, Azabudai Shuppansha, Shueisha, Gkushukenkyusha, Chic Today

Promotion Video: The Irrepressibles "Mirror Mirror", British Embassy Opening Reception "Grand Father’s Letters"

Television & Commercials: McDonalds, Coca Cola, Fujijukou Cars (Subaru & Legacy)

Media Advertisements: Asahi Kasei (Paper & Hygienic Products), Japan Tobacco (Cigarettes), Shinnittetsu (Iron Manufacturing)

Fashion/Design : Onjuoo Mac (New Winter Collection 2006), Husam el Odeh - London Fashion Week (Winter 2005), Tan Boon Fong (Spring 2001 Tokyo Collection) , Hanae Mori (Spring 2000 Tokyo Collection)





テレビ: NHK "Biz スポ” ”カンブリア宮殿”(ハワード・シュルツ氏)、ブルームバーグ ” IMF国際会議" (クリスティーナ・ラガルド氏)NHK "SONGS" (ノラ・ジョーンズ)日本テレビ "24時間テレビ", テレビ朝日 "ミュージックステーション”

雑誌: 幻冬舎、ワニブックス、麻布台出版社、集英社、学習研究社 ビデオ: PV The irrepressibles "MIrror Mirror" , 英国大使館 オープニングレセプション”Grand Father’s Letters ”

広告: マクドナルド、コカコーラ、富士重工、旭化成、

ファションショー:Onjuoo Mac -New Winter Collection January 2006, Husam el odeh-London Fashion Week Winter 2005, Tan boon Fong-Spring 2001 TokyoCollection, Hanae Mori-Spring 2000 Tokyo Collection